Fiscal Responsibility

In my 2010 race for Metro Council, I focused on Transparency, Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility. Those are desperately needed in Frankfort, as well as Louisville. We must take a fundamental look at what we try to do as a government – and how we do it. My experience has been that every bureaucracy resists reform. As Louisville native Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously wrote: “Sunshine is the best disinfectant”. That is nowhere more true than in state government. As a CPA, I learned how to look past the surface to find the truth. I intend to use those skills to shine a light on Kentucky’s finances..

Right to Work

The Right To Work is a powerful thing. Most of our competitor states, including Indiana and Tennessee, have passed laws to limit the oppressive power of unions that has made Kentucky less competitive. Coupled with our high overall tax burden, the lack of a Right To Work law works against the natural benefits we enjoy – central location in the Eastern U.S., high quality of life and a productive workforce. We can do better. With your support, I’ll be a leader to knock down the economic walls that are keeping jobs out of Kentucky.

Past union-controlled politicians in Kentucky passed a mislabeled law referred to as “Prevailing Wage”. The effect of these laws is to require that projects using public money – your tax dollars – to pay an inflated and fictitious union-based wage. The bottom-line is that every school construction or renovation, road project or government building costs about 15% more than it should..


Kentucky is threatened with a tsunami of debt. The real problem is not our $15 Billion in bonded indebtedness, but the $35 Billion in unfunded liabilities to our public pension plans. In 2013, the legislature passed yet another pension reform bill. It was a good bill, but it simply delays the inevitable crisis as it “kicks-the-can” to the next Governor. The pension system lacks transparency and will be a burden on Kentucky’s competitiveness for the next 30 years! I will be a leader to take on this mess..


A recent study confirms that the overall tax burden of our citizens is among the highest of our competitors. Our tax system was designed for a 1960′s economy, which is not well suited for the 21st Century. Because taxes are too high, the rules have become overly complex and riddled with loopholes. We must modernize and simplify our system of taxation..


Government doesn’t create good jobs, but it can certainly discourage the private sector from doing so. Excessive regulation, taxation and onerous approval processes are the reason Kentucky is not as competitive as it should be with most of our neighboring states. I will fight expansion of regulations whose benefit to our state is outweighed by their impact on ensuring economic opportunity for our citizens..